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Because you gave

Submitted by Art Fox on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 00:00

Because you saw God given potential in my son, you gave. And because you gave his hopes of becoming a minister became realistic. Because you gave Robert Charles welcomed a new student and another young man years later told me he thanked God for the day that new student entered his life, and teachers became aware that a young man with potential was entrusted to their tutelage. Because you gave he graduated with honours among men but was simply pleased that he had glorified God. Because you gave the church of Jesus Christ may well have, in 4 years, a godly minister who knows how to clearly communicate the Gospel and the Word of God as a whole. Because you gave he loves theology and finds the doctrines of God and his grace have made his life richer than he dreamed possible. Because you gave his parents rejoice in God's blessing, and bless the day they met you. Because you gave many people will hear the Gospel from his lips as the Holy Spirit uses him, and then they will tell the old, old story to others, and so the truth and those who believe it will grow in influence so many, many more for generations will believe in Jesus and be saved. For the willingness to give is a call of God to do his work, and you obeyed his call. Your obedience is of infinite eternal worth, for it will lead to glory for God as his grace is made known through the lips of my son. For that, dear brother and sister, I bless God, and thank you, together with my wife and his brother, and we bless God for you...because you gave! SDG.