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Local Help

Submitted by Art Fox on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 00:00

Never ask for help from men first without checking with God!

We have finally joined the Nor Easter club after 4 previous failed tried, by which I mean we got more than a coating of snow. Now I should mention that as of this writing I am afflicted with kneecap tendonitis in my right leg. That means almost unbearable pain quite often when I stand for more than a 5 minute period (thoiugh today it is improving some and has been for some time). So when I saw we were going to really get the 5-8 inches, I panicked. Livy, my wife, is recovering from the flu and has a bad back anyway, so she cannot shovel. With my bad leg I cannot do it either, so I naturally thought of asking for help from the church, which I did by contacting the pastor. But I thought I might try to at least make a start... So out I went and before I knew it most of the driveway (that is all we have besides a concrete pod in front of the door) was clear and my car as well. And then I did half of our landlady's driveway (the side she needed to get into the garage). AND MY LEG DID NOT HURT AT ALL!! So, somewhat embarrassed I left a message on our pastor's phone letting him know we did not need the help at all. The reason? I told him I got some unexpected "local help." Local help? Indeed it was, for our God is closer to us/more local to us, than the air we breathe, indeed he indwells us. And twas he, and no one else, who paused the usual pain in my leg to enable me to do the shoveling for close to half an hour, and thus taught me that exercise is a key to recovery. I should have prayed first! What a gracious Father, what a Gracious teacher is Jesus. And what a Gracious Spirit to teach me to call on heaven first before anyone else. It does not mean it was wrong to ask the pastor for help from the deacons, just that asking God first is getting the order of priorities straight in my life. Been learning alot about this since my heart attack last June!