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WWJHR--What would Jesus have Read?

Submitted by Art Fox on Wed, 03/14/2018 - 00:00

Been reading a book that says that we must not miss the fact that Christ is revealed in Proverbs, while not ignoring the wisdom there. Now, spent some time the other day reading chapters 1-5 and was struck by the filial language of father and soon and even mother, and then this thought occurred to me. Jesus, as a boy, would have read the book as being the inspired word of his Father in Heaven. Thus the language of words like Listen my son… would have been formative in his approach to the book of Proverbs—he was being taught by his Father how to love as a man on earth. The wisdom and counsel of this book of Proverbs would have taught him much because it was the wisdom of his Father. Thus if we read it that way ourselves, we come away with, not only wise words but compelling fatherly counsel from OUR Father in Heaven.

As a matter of fact, Jesus was, of course, as any son of a Jewish mother and father, would also have been trained at home and in a good Jewish school as to how to read the Sacred Scriptures under the oversight of a Rabbi. Thus he would have learned of the history of Solomon, the Son of David, both of them his ancestors. Thus Joseph would have read Proverbs to him and it is a good likelihood that Jesus memorized that book. And Joseph would have impressed on him the importance of Solomon's teaching. And so he grew, much as the children of any orthodox Christian family would, in the knowledge of God and his word, and, as Luke tells us, in wisdom and stature of God with God and before men.

I have been blessed to have both of my son tell me that they learned to follow Christ by following our teaching and our example. Yet my wife and I know our example was sinfully flawed the whole time. But we have learned that God covered our parental sins with the blood of Christ as well as our other sins. PARENTS, THUS, FAITHFULLY AS YOU CAN BY GOD'S GRACE, GO AND DO LIKEWISE WITH YOUR CHILDREN, EVEN IF THEY HAVE GROW UP! God can do anything with even small faith!