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What even very little faith can do

Submitted by Art Fox on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 00:00

Not a mountain but…. One of the church’s favorite verses is Christ’s promise that even if our faith is but the size of a mustard seed we can say to a mountain, “Be removed and cast into the sea” and it will happen. This story is about my faith and it is both funny and heart warming, because the Lord, once again, did over and above what I expected.

I have not shared with everyone that I somehow managed to injure my patellar tendon (attached to the right knee cap, in my case, and works with the muscles around it) nearly 3 weeks ago or more. This put me out of work and into a great deal of pain just standing, much less walking. So my wife has taken on a busy schedule of 6 days a week with a job doing dishwashing and kitchen work at Hershey foods. Well, you all know of the Nor’easter that showed up last Tuesday evening into Wednesday afternoon. Initial predictions changed on Tuesday from 1-2 inches of wet snow to 3-5 inches due to it shifting WEST by close to 75 miles. Now, my wife gets to work through a very curvy and hilly road, and goes up a fairly steep road to turn left into the parking lot and an even steeper hill. This concerned me so I told her I would drive her there and back again. The truth was I did not know what I would do if the trip became dangerous but I would get her. 

Now, I know our Lord controls the weather but I also know from Scripture that he sanctifies us by trials. So I steeled myself to be sanctified by the hazardous journey. And at one point I sort of half heartedly, and, it needs to be said, with a lot less than a mustard seed sized faith, prayed to the Lord to, if he would, send the storm and its snow away. But I really had no confidence he would spare us. So I focused on trusting him for the travel. BUT, overnight, and right under the nose of one weather forecasting team, THE STORM WENT THE OTHER DIRECTION BY ABOUT 75 MILES!! That took every flake of snow that would stick away, so that I only had to drive through wet roads. Not one inch of accumulation. (Did I just see my Father in heaven smile???). Do not doubt Christ’s word or his faithfulness—Thou art coming to a King, large petitions with you bring!

I love and serve a patient and loving Saviour who is Lord of the Storm. And, no, I do NOT think I was the only one praying!