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Government, the Church and the Right Attitude

Submitted by Art Fox on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 19:18

To my Facebook friends. I am as distressed and discouraged and confused as many of you are by what is going on in our nation. I am not clear about a lot of things. But I am daily finding the Lord instructing me from his Word and by the counsel of wise brothers and sisters, especially my mentor here in Hanford. Here is something of what I have been learning. 1st and foremost, our God is at work. The events that have taken place Since March 1st of this year are no accident. He is working according to his perfect wisdom and no mistakes are even remotely possible. 2nd, God loves his people who have trusted in his Son, Jesus Christ. He will never do them harm in any way by what he is doing. Yes, there has been and will be pain and sorrow. Read the Prophets. Israel, his beloved children, sinned and he chastised them. 3rd, No law or decree by anyone in authority has been made without his approval. What I mean by that is even the worst of decisions have been made by his providentially directing those making them according to his infinite wisdom and to produce definite effects for his purposes. Each death and each sickness and each tragedy is directed to the end of calling us to repentance and faith. He is love but he is also just. And when someone dies of Covid or anything else it is because that it the end of the days allotted to that person. We cannot avoid that. That does not mean we should not take precautions and be careful. We should. But so many forget that our days are allotted to us by God and then we we are to be called into his presence to give an account for our lives and sins. And the only way we can be approved for our lives is by faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for sins.

Now, no amount of anger or sullen attitudes on my part or yours will sway God to change his plans. What he calls each of us to is to change our ways by repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus, his Son, and his atoning death for our sins. And then we must be ready to go to him when he calls us out of this life into his presence. Some of you will object to this kind of dogmatic assertion. But I am called to speak the truth as it is revealed in his Word, and I love you all too much, and more than that, love him too much to not be faithful to his call to me to proclaim his truth. So please consider repenting of your sins and trusting, not in your religion but in Jesus.

Finally, we are called by Scripture to pray for those in authority over us. I want to repent here and now of any words of disrespect I have written on Facebook about our God appointed authorities in office. It was sinful. Pray for them and their salvation and for God to use them to do us good, and for their repentance of any sinful leadership that he sees in their work. He alone has the right to judge them. We may appeal their decisions and ask for changes. But it must be done in the fear of God and with respect and desire for God to bless them.

It is hard to be in the place we are in just now. But God is working according to plan. Let us respect and fear God but also trust and love him and his ways. Amen.