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Hard Days for the Church

Submitted by Art Fox on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 19:16

These are hard days for the Church, hard days to be believers. The temptation is to be self-focused and seek our own political and social goals. Those may or may not be good ones, to differing degrees. This Sunday I will be preaching from John 17:1-5. I am struck by the simplicity with which Christ viewed his coming agony and death. His heart was for the Father's glory first, and then for his own glory. That took him through the horrible death he would die. By hard day for the Church, for us, I mean what you and I and the Church are facing in these tumultuous days, including in the lands where the Church is persecuted. I am preaching from John 17:1-5 this Sunday. I am struck by the first words of his prayer to the Father. It was not a selfish prayer (and by the way, it is not the prayer in the Garden either!). The heart of Christ as revealed in his prayer here (and his disciples must have remembered it for the rest of their days on earth after Jesus death and resurrection) and in his going WILLINGLY to the Cross, was that he was committed to the Father's glory first and then his own in the carrying out of his Father's will. It strikes me that we may have our political and social goals, but that our overarching and most fundamental goal must match Christ's goal here! We were not saved for ourselves but for God. And everything else in our lives should fall in line and be subsidiary to his ultimate goal--for he exists in his Triune Nature to Glorify himself and for each member of the Trinity to enjoy one another forever. Can we righteously seek to do anything less?